Lloyd’s words have been published in a variety of forums. From blog posts and articles to poetry and lyrics, you can find all of his writings here in one place.

Lyrics and Poetry in Song

A Taste of Freedom” (World Premiere Feb. 4 & 5, 2023)

A good meal is an age-old way to make loved ones and strangers alike feel at home. “A Taste of Freedom” connects the variety of foods that comfort each of us to the diversity of who we are as United States citizens and residents. Staple foods such as corn and other grains are referenced throughout the work to highlight the culinary creativity of the diverse societies calling North America their home. My hope is to inspire each reader and listener to consider the nation they want to cultivate.

“A Taste of Freedom” was featured on Spokane Public Radio’s Poetry Moment: https://www.spokanepublicradio.org/show/poetry-moment/2023-02-20/lloyd-reshard-jr-reads-his-original-poem-a-taste-of-freedom

This, Too, Shall Pass

Commissioned and premiered by Master Chorale of Tampa Bay through the generous donation of Cynthia L. May, Esq. “This, Too, Shall Pass” serves as a gentle reminder to make the most of the present moment while time courses through the joys and pains of life. Premiered April 2022.

“This, Too, Shall Pass” was featured on Spokane Public Radio’s Poetry Moment: https://www.spokanepublicradio.org/show/poetry-moment/2023-02-24/lloyd-reshard-jr-reads-his-original-poem-this-too-shall-pass



Nou La

Commissioned and premiered by the Phoenix Chamber Choir, Nou La premiered May 2022. Lloyd states, “The English text I contributed to this collaboration, along with soprano Frédéricka Petit-Homme and composer Sydney Guillaume, stems from the social, cultural, racial and political unrest that has been stirred during the global pandemic. It was important for me to capture the questioning, frustration, and desire welling inside myself and others who feel marginalized. The text asks you to confront (and even wrestle with) your political, cultural, historical, and social stances; particularly when you are uncomfortable, do not agree or understand. My hope is that “Nou La” motivates you to cultivate empathy and compassion, advocate passionately for others and confront inhumanity.”



Published Articles

An Open Letter to GoDaddy” Published 06/18/2020 in INWEEKLY’s By You Opinion, page 16

Blog & Op Ed’s

Fear: A Reflection” Published 07/27/2021 as a part of Travis Whitlock’s “Reflection” series featuring contributing authors and performing artists of color.

Be Prepared” Published 10/15/2021 as a part of Travis Whitlock’s “Reflection” series featuring contributing authors and performing artists of color.